Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot sauce of the day: Sriracha Hot Sauce

9 out of 10 fingers and thumbs

I originally knew this sauce as "the rooster sauce" because none of my friends knew the actual name of it and I know that we aren't the only ones.  Many people refer to this sauce based on the design of the bottle.  The red bottle and the green top are surely easy to spot, especially since the bottle has a large picture of a rooster placed in the center.

Today was not my first time trying this sauce, but since I decided to create this blog I decided to pay a little bit closer attention to the flavor and feeling of the sauce.  This morning I had it with my meat lover's omelet.  I wasn't surprised by the heat due to my past experiences with this stuff. I always have to remind myself to be very careful with this sauce because it is quite hot.  Although this sauce is quite hot, it is still great to eat on almost anything as long as it is used in moderation.  I've used it on various meals such as: hot dogs, soups, eggs, hash browns, ham burgers, stir fry, and many other food items.  Don't let the heat fool you, this sauce has a great taste that will be sure to welcome you back for more. 

The ingredients in this sauce definitely make the difference in flavor.  The combination of sun ripened chili's and garlic are sure to add a bit of spice to an ordinary meal. I would recommend this sauce to any one of my friends and I have decided to rate this sauce a 9 out of 10 on the fingers and thumb scale. 

A little bit of background info:

Created in the 1980's by a Vietnamese immigrant, this sauce has really created a real life success story.  David Tran immigrated to Los Angeles in 1980.  Due to the lack of a sauce that David enjoyed, he decided to create his own chili sauce to his own liking.  As he started making his sauce, it led to him selling it strait out of the back of his van on the streets of L.A., leading to a great following of fans of his sauce.  Due to this following, David decided to put the sauce into more of a mass production leading to the creating of Sriracha Sauce, the most successful Hoy Fong sauce to date.  

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