Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot sauce of the day: Louisiana Brand Hot Suace

9.5 fingers and thumbs up

Seeing how this sauce is one of the originals, it certainly proves that it has been around for over 80 years.  A bold, strong, hot sauce taste with a good 6 out of 10 spicy kick is perfect on a burrito (which is what I used it on today).  Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce claims to be the first and the very best cajun cayenne pepper sauce and after tasting it today I certainly do believe it.

I would recommend this sauce on almost anything with meat.  With burgers, chicken, sandwiches, burritos, tacos, or even eggs, I think this sauce would add a great kick and a great bold flavor to your meal.

A little bit of background information on Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce:

Created over 80 years ago, this sauce is the first to use the State's name within the name of the sauce.  Although you may have heard of many other brands calling their sauce a "Louisiana Hot Sauce", this one is the very first and original Louisiana Hot Sauce.  Many of the other Louisiana hot sauces aren't even actually from Louisiana or certified as Cajun hot sauces, but Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce is.  Although the imitators call themselves Louisiana hot sauces, the are only influenced by the original flavor of the original.

All sauces have their own preferred amount of time spent in the fermenting process, some ranging from months all the way up to 3+ years.  Louisiana Hot Sauce's cayenne peppers are sun-ripened, hand picked, and then the mash ferments for about 1 year.

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